Holy Communion

I let it all goas I take You all in, Jesus. Sacred body broken,precious blood pouredto cut the cordfrom this worldthat I was born in. Holy Spirit fire,Living Water Wordwashing over meI have been born again. Ripped from the womb of death’s tomb;shaken from the dust of sin’s touch,I am made clean.I am made newasContinue reading “Holy Communion”

Open your Hands

Like a knife slicing through butter, I stepped out of my house and into the crisp yet somehow damp with humidity morning. It’s not abnormal for Texas to provide such paradoxical weather. I clomped over to my car door and noticed a butterfly perched on the handle with outstretched wings. Instinctively I froze and gentlyContinue reading “Open your Hands”

You ready for this?

It has been almost an entire week since my family has prayerfully locked in on to the exact place we will begin our full-time missionary journey, received acceptance into the organization, and basically jumped off a cliff into the unknown. How are we going to get  funding? Who will partner with us? What does lifeContinue reading “You ready for this?”