Lie down in Peace & Sleep

—Lord, my shalom You sustain me— My enemies surround me Uphold me with  Your righteous hand  —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will lay in peace and sleep You alone, oh Lord Make me dwell in safety —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will not worry I will not be dismayed You areContinue reading “Lie down in Peace & Sleep”

In this World, Not of it

I once was lost, but now I am found. I once was dead, but now I’m alive. I’m neither Jew (bound by religion) nor gentile (secular & an illegitimate child of God), but now, I’m a new creation; grafted into the family of God. I’m a demon slayer. I’m a world-changer. I’m a peacemaker. IContinue reading “In this World, Not of it”

Jesus is enough

As previously shared, my family and I are in a season of struggle. But I think I might even amend that statement to be ‘peacefully struggling victoriously’. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe, but it’s accurate for us. This time in our lives is tough-outwardly. No car. Everyday we are depending on people for transportation. WhichContinue reading “Jesus is enough”