June’s Worship Playlist

I’m starting a new thing here. I lead worship for Rest Yourself Ministries in which we have monthly women’s bible studies, events, and other fun stuff. We keep in touch through an e-mail chain and we basically share encouraging words and scripture with each other throughout the weeks. Over the past few months I’ve been sending out monthly worship playlists filled with songs that are really powerful for me in that season. I figured why not start sharing with all of you amazing people?

So here goes my top worship songs for June:

This is a playlist on my YouTube channel with worship songs from several different worship leaders. You can easily click on the top left corner of the video and it will take you to another tab in YouTube where you can add the playlist “Hope & Joy” to your own YouTube channel. The music in this set is all about hope and joy, and the songs are totally rocking my world right now.

Here are the songs with my personal descriptions:

-“Mount Zion” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser

This song is so beautiful, because it’s what our entire hope is in of what’s to come through Jesus!

-“Explode my Soul” by Melissa Helser

This song is such a heart cry. It’s one of my all time favorites to sing to God when in feeling heaviness on me

-“I Raise a Hallelujiah” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser

Wow this song! If there was one song to sum up my life right now it would be this one. This song is a weapon! Use it!

-“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury

Most of us know this song. But in the version on this playlist, Cory shares his testimony and what the song was written about. Listen and it will transform the song and reveal God’s love for all of us in a new, powerful way for you.

-“On the Shore” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser

This is a big one for me right now! Love, love, love it. I have it on repeat! It’s all about reclaiming our joy and healing our souls.

-It is Well by Kristene DiMarco

This song is a big time heart cry. Saying “it is well” over and over again makes your soul bow down to the spirit within and transform your perspective.

-“Take Courage” by Kristene DiMarco

Another song to sing to your soul in order to have yourself line up with God’s truth! This song is a battle cry! “He’s in the waiting!”

-“God of Miracles” by Bethel

This is a popular song in the church, but this version is SOOO powerful! You have got to listen! Bill Johnson stops in the middle of the song and shares the testimony of where the song came from. Then he challenges you to imagine the places you need a miracle in and sing it again. It’s SO anointed and powerful.

LOVE YOU ALL! Pray that y’all have a victorious week

P.s. JUNE 29TH I will be performing some of my ORIGINAL WORSHIP SONGS at Kindred Coffee in NRH 7-7:30! There will be several other musicians playing throughout the evening so it’ll be super fun. Come worship with me and grab a coffee for a fun fun night

Listen to my new original song about trusting God and believing in His promises here.


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